April 22, 2022 19:00 : CONCERT² / Electroacoustique Section ARTS²+FeBeME @ Abel Dubois

Concert combining works and compositions of the ARTS² acousmatic composition class and music by professional composers from FeBeME.

This concert will allow the discovery of works and compositions recently presented in jury by the students of the ARTS² acousmatic composition class. This music will be combined with works from the acousmatic repertoire and electroacoustic pieces – acousmatic or live electronics – by professional musicians from the Belgian Federation for Electroacoustic Music (FeBeME-BeFEM). All of this will be set in space on an acousmonium (loudspeaker orchestra) by the composers themselves or other performers.

Program :

  • Elizabeth Anderson : Les ailes de l’augure (14:00) – 8 canaux
  • Dimitri Coppe : Sequential Ignition (live) (15:00)
  • Gildas Bouchaud : Sous les bruissements (9:30)
  • Christian Zanési : Tours et détours en 78 tours (14’50) (Pièce du répertoire spatialisée par Sophie Delafontaine)
  • Kristof Lauwers – MDDY.DNC (7:30)


Free Entrance

Address : Auditorium Abel Dubois / RTBF Mons – Esplanade Anne-Charlotte de Lorraine 7000 Mons

With the help of Fédération Wallonie Bruxelles.