Joris De Laet

Joris de Laet was born in 1947 in Antwerp. Apart from some years of music lessons at the music academy (in violin and cello) De Laet was largely self-taught, and was mainly interested in the thought-processes of the avant-garde. In particular, the possibilities of amplified sound intrigued him, an interest […]

Stephan Dunkelman – In memoriam 1956-2020

His acousmatic compositions are intended not only for concerts but for exhibitions (Charlotte Marchal, sculptor; Axel Miret, painter), for dance (Michèle Noiret) and for fashion design (Azniv Afsar). Collaboration with artists working in other fields, especially in the visual arts, has opened doors to the experimentation that has enriched and […]

Todor Todoroff

Born in 1963, Electrical Engineer with a specialization in telecommunications, he received a First Prize and a higher diploma in Electroacoustic Composition at the Royal Conservatories of Music in Brussels (1993) and in Mons (1996). First researcher in the field of speech processing at the Free University of Brussels, he […]