11, 12 & 13 March 2022 Belgian Music Days

FeBeME-BeFEM co-organizes the Belgian Music Days and proposes a concert on the 11th of March, in collaboration with ComAV, as well as 2 installations, “Guirlande I/O” and Parlophone”, that will be be running during the whole duration of the festival.


No program was published in English but you may find the French and Dutch versions below.

Program in French : OBF-Programmheft BMD – FR

Program in Dutch : OBF-Programmheft BMD – NL


Concert March 11, 2022,  20:00 :

– Stéphanie Laforce: If Taxus for electronics, voice, flute and bendir
– Donika Rudi: Lament of the earth (Premiere)
– Raoul De Smet: Ipemerij 1975
– Bruno Letort: Desert Songs
– George De Decker: Coro: Versa est in luctum 2017 – Remix 2022 pour BMD