3 november 2023, 7pm – Electroacoustic Music Days 2023 – Rethymno (Greece)

During the 5 days of the festival, 13 concerts are scheduled and 78 works will be performed – 50 works by HELMCA composers and 28 international works by CIME/ICEM members from Belgium (FeBeME-BeFEM, Musiques & Recherches), France (Maison des Arts Sonores), Italy (Tempo Reale), Portugal (Projecto DME), Poland (PSeME), Ukraine (UAEM), USA (SEAMUS, UNT/CEMI), China (EMAC), Mexico (AARSOM) and Canada.

The program includes fixed media works -among them 15 octaphonic, works for video, as well as performances incorporating analog electronics, computer systems, acoustic instruments and voice. There will also be a special tribute to the memory of Akis Daoutis (1960-2023), HELMCA founder member, with 4 of his compositions.

The works will be presented with a loudspeaker orchestra surrounding the audience.

The event is hosted by the Department of Music Technology & Acoustics (HMU), in collaboration with the Hellenic Association of Electroacoustic Music Composers (HELMCA).

The concerts will take place in the Auditorium of the Department of Music Technology και Acoustics (HMU), in Rethymno.

The concerts with music of Belgian composers will take place on the third day of the festival (3 November).

Programme (of the concert on 3 november)

Concert C1

  • Heather MeaseThe House of the Mother of the (2020)
  • Christopher CookMotor (2022)
  • John Gibson: In Summer Rain (2021)
  • Julien GuillamatSynphonie de l’Étang (2nd Mouvement) (2023)
  • Stéphanie LaforceApnée (2021) [*] [**]
  • Wim DaelemanEt on recommence, jusqu’à… (2023) [*] [**]
  • Victor OuttersAnatomie d’un Nuage (2023) [*] [**]

Concert C2

  • ΤΒΑ [2023 Prix CIME]
  • Antonio Russek: Pandemia (2020)
  • Elias Puc: Sonor-Kapsule (2009)
  • Manuel Rocha Iturbide: Radio Estridentista (2017)
  • Elizabeth Anderson: Les Ailes de l’Augure (2021) [**]
  • Annette Vande Gorne: Vox Alia II: Cathedrales (2021) [**]

[*] : FeBeME-BeFEM concert, spatialisation by Todor Todoroff

[**] : member of BeFEM-FeBeME

Program start time, every day, at 7pm. Τhe entrance is free for the public.

The full programme for the festival (from 1 to 5 November) is available at the following address:  Program – CIME/ICEM 2023 – Electroacoustic Music Days 2023 (hmu.gr)