5-8 October 2023 : Autumn Waves Festival – @ Project(ion) Room

FeBeME is delighted to announce the 2023 edition of its Autumn Waves electroacoustic music festival. Four evenings of concerts are on offer, with plenty of acousmatic / tape music, some live music and even music accompanied by Butoh dance. One of the concerts will be dedicated to composers from the Greek Federation. Another will bring together composers active in Austria. All the works will be played on the FeBeME acousmonium.

See you from 5 to 8 October at the Project(ion) Room in Brussels!

The Belgian Electroacoustic Music Federation (FeBeME-BeFEM) brings together electroacoustic music composers from all regions of Belgium, representing a wide range of practices and aesthetics.

7 Concerts in 4 days

Concert 1THURSDAY 05/10 – 20:00 : Release of the «Metharcana » CD by the Forum de la Création Musical
Concert 2FRIDAY 06/10 – 20:00 : FeBeME-BeFEM
Concert 3FRIDAY 06/10 – 22:00 : FeBeME-BeFEM
Concert 4SATURDAY 07/10 – 19:30 : Greek Federation (HELMCA)
Concert 5SATURDAY 07/10 – 21:30 : FeBeME-BeFEM
Concert 6SUNDAY 08/10 – 18:00 : FeBeME-BeFEM
Concert 7SUNDAY 08/10 – 19h:30 : Patrick K.-H. and composers living in Austria


THURSDAY 05/10 – 20:00 : Concert 1 – «Metharcana »

Concert organised to mark the release of the CD of the same name, celebrating the 20th anniversary of the Forum de la Création Musicale, on the Label Soond.
Coproduced by FeBeME-BeFEM / Forum de la Création Musicale / Festival LOOP.

Stephan Dunkelman Metharcana
Ingrid DreseIo ou là-bas, là-haut
Daniel Perez HajduAbstraire
Dimitri CoppeFragment of a life
Charo CalvoThe Grass
Stéphanie LaforceIF TAXUS
Todor Todoroff Voices Part III – Resistance
Elizabeth L. AndersonL’heure Bleue : renaître du silence
Jean-Louis PoliartDéploration sur la disparition d’un musicien
Raphaël VensIntuitio

Approximate duration : 2h (in two parts)

FRIDAY 06/10 – 20:00 – Concert 2 : FeBeME-BeFEM

Concert featuring works by composers who are members of FeBeME-BeFEM.

Todor Todoroff Kinetic reflections
Roeland LuytenOk synth
Wim DaelemanEt on recommence jusqu’à…
Julien OrtunoDreila
Joris De LaetSignes des temps
Kristof LauwersMpl.Exicks
Bruno Letort(title to be determined)

Approximate duration : 1h

FRIDAY 06/10 – 22:00 – Concert 3 : FeBeME-BeFEM

Concert featuring works by composers who are members of FeBeME-BeFEM. It will start with a performance of music accompanied with Butoh dance.

Jean-Pierre Jonckheere (music) and Yuri Matsumaru (Butoh dance) Programme to be determined
Clément ParmentierBlagues entre amis
Raphaël VensGespräche mit der Ewigkeit (world premiere)
Victor OuttersNé Ombre
Léo Patissier-BaudelMemoria

Durée approximative : 1h

SATURDAY 07/10 – 19:30 – Concert 4 : Griek Federation (HELMCA)

Concert programme proposed by the Greek Electroacoustic Music Federation.

Philippos Theocharidis Debris
Thanos PolymeneasSun Bleached
Katerina TzedakiThe Passage
Katerina TzedakiOnce Upon A Time
Andreas Mniestris Variations’ Variations
Nikos StavropoulosTopophilia
Stelios Giannoulakis The Door Study
Epameinondas (Epa) Fassianos Tokyo

Approximate duration : 45min

SATURDAY 07/10 – 21:30 – Concert 5 : FeBeME-BeFEM

This concert will bring together works by FeBeME-BeFEM composers. It will begin with an electroacoustic improvisation

Tympocaïne 200 (Roald Baudoux, Hugues Peeters) Live – electroacoustic improvisation
Dirk VeulemansCeremonie
Charo CalvoMaze (creation)
Thibault MadelineD’effilé file
Gaëtan ArhueroFunambule
Daniel Perez HajduMemerupa
Anne VersaillesGaranas Lokte
Dimitri CoppeEn déploiement
Paul AdriaenssensMare Serenatis
Approximate duration : 1h30 (in two parts)

SUNDAY 08/10 – 18:00 – Concert 6 : FeBeME

This concert will bring together works by FeBeME-BeFEM composers, including a live set and a world premiere.

Mathieu Buytaers Live – title to be determined
Julien GuillamatSymphonie de l’étang
Gildas Bouchaud(title to be determined (world premiere))
Approximate duration : 50min

SUNDAY 08/10 – 19:30 – Concert 7 : Patrick K.-H. et compositeurs actifs en Autriche

This concert is curated by the composer Patrick K.-H. (Floating Sound Gallery Vienna, founder of the Acousmonium Festival in Saint Petersburg). It includes his own works, as well as pieces by other composers working in Austria. Several works include video.

Patrick K.-H.Mutanys, movement 4
Patrick K.-H. / ujif_notfoundIncase, movement 1
Patrick K.-H.Postards series
postard 08
postard 09
postard 10
Patrick K.-H. (music and video)Yellow Rabbit (world premiere)
Volkmar Klien Umfassen Umfangen
Zeynep Sarikartal Converse
Katharina Klement and Axel Dörner (music) / Patrick K.-H. (video)5 levels
Approximate duration : 1h25 (in two parts)


Project(ion) Room, Rue de Praetere 55 – 1180 Uccle, www.projection-room.be