Gildas Bouchaud


Composer of electroacoustic music from Brussels. Besides concert music, he composes for theatre, video and sound installations. He is also interested in live electroacoustic music, notably with the André Curieux trio.

(source: Gildas Bouchaud  – L’annuaire de l’acsr)

Compositions performed at a concert FeBEM (since early 2019):

Crever la nuée2021.10.01-03, Autumn Waves Festival (Project(ion) Room, Brussels)
Entrave2022.10.17, BOEM (Antwerpen)
L’oreille au mur2019.10.05, Electroacoustic White Night (Project(ion) Room, Brussels)
Sous les bruissements2022.04.22, ARTS²+BeFEM (Abel Dubois – RTBF Mons)2022.09.24, Electroacoustic Music Days 2022 (Corfou)

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