Marie-Jeanne Wyckmans

A professional sound engineer for the cinema, her passion for sound and listening led her to discover acousmatic music in 1984, at the 1st international acousmatic festival “L’Espace du Son” in Brussels. Attracted by the title of the festival, she was delighted to discover the possibilities offered by acousmatics: the figurative sense of space in stereophonic works, and the spatialised interpretation of acousmatic works in concert, which she has been performing regularly since 1988.
After graduating in film editing at a film school (INSAS), she went on to win a first prize (1990) and then the Higher Diploma in Acousmatic Composition (1993) in Annette Vande Gorne’s class at the Royal Conservatoires of Brussels and Mons. While continuing to work in the film industry, she has also created a number of sound effects for cinema, dance, television, theatre and video. However, her main interest remains electroacoustic/acousmatic composition, which she has taught at various art colleges.

Her works reflect her taste for imaginary worlds, such as those transmitted by the radio she listens to daily, which she transmits in the form of imagined landscapes, whose iconic and transformed sounds are the markers that guide the listener’s mental representations. They also reflect her ability, acquired through her work as a noisemaker, to make non-instrumental sounds speak naturally, to make them expressive, to manipulate bodies of sound with precision, attentive to the minute, eloquent variations in sound that they offer. Landscape recordings and play sequences are the cornerstones of her work. [Electrodoc, 2021]

Compositions performed at a concert FeBEM (since early 2019):

Compositie-ons Concerts
Voyages-Mirages2018.11.06 – FeBeME-BeFEM @ ARTS2 / Abel Dubois
2019.09.21, Casteau (Soignies)

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