October 1-3, 2021 : Autumn Waves Festival – 6 Concerts @Project(ion) Room

For its second edition, the Autumn Waves Festival from FeBeME-BeFEM (Belgian Federation for Electroacoustic Music) offers no less than six concerts over three days.
The event combines compositions of acousmatic music, live electronics and music with video, spatialized on an orchestra of 32 loudspeakers.
Taking place at the Project(ion) Room in Brussels, Autumn Waves presents pieces from composers working in Brussels, Flanders and Wallonia, as well as works by composers from all over the world proposed by ICEM (International Confederation for Electroacoustic Music) National Federations and Organisations / Institutions Members.
It also features 2 works awarded at the Prix CIME 2021.

Friday 1st October 19:00 : Concert 1

Jorge Gregorio Garcia Hydra * 00:10:10 GrupLac (Colombia)
Marcelo Carneiro Litosfera * 00:07:34 Prix CIME 2021 (Brazil)
Patrick K.-H. Mutanys, movement 2 bichWarLEN (Video Patrick K.-H.) * 00:07:03 (Russia / Austria)
Joris De Laet Trajectoire 00:19:00 FeBeME-BeFEM (Belgium)
Todor Todoroff M3TAMORPH (Video by Alexander Derben) ** 00:16:35 FeBeME-BeFEM (Belgium)

Friday 1st October 21:30 : Concert 2

Mario Cáceres Bricks and sticks * 00:06:10 BEAN (UK)
Victor Outters Pour lui prendre sa bague, ils lui ont cisaillé le doigt 00:09:30 FeBeME-BeFEM (Belgium)
Nicolas Nuyens Grande faux et petits restes 00:10:00 FeBeME-BeFEM (Belgium)
Panayiotis Kokoras Qualia * 00:09:40 CEMI/UNT (USA)
Kristof Lauwers BIN.GSAT 00:07:05 FeBeME-BeFEM (Belgium)
Gildas Bouchaud Crever la nuée 00:08:18 FeBeME-BeFEM (Belgium)

Saturday 2nd October 19:00 : Concert 3

Francisco Colasanto Tlön * 00:06:17 CMMAS (Mexico)
Michał Janocha Omaggio a Kotoński * 00:08:39 PseMe (Poland)
Sophie Delafontaine Trouée 00:11:00 FeBeME-BeFEM (Belgium)
Jean-Baptiste Zellal Fracture 00:11:00 FeBeME-BeFEM (Belgium)
Daniel Perez Hajdu Étendues 00:23:00 FeBeME-BeFEM (Belgium)

Saturday 2nd October 21:30 : Concert 4

Theodoros Lotis Voix 00:10:36 FeBeME-BeFEM (Belgium)
Jean-Louis Poliart Emergence 00:12:41 FeBeME-BeFEM (Belgium)
Thibault Madeline Enfant sauvage 00:06:23 FeBeME-BeFEM (Belgium)
Tympocaïne 200 Improvisation libre électroacoustique 00:20:00 FeBeME-BeFEM (Belgium)
Dimitri Coppe Raku (Live Electronics) 00:15:00 FeBeME-BeFEM (Belgium)

Sunday 3rd October 17:30 : Concert 5

Jean-Pierre Jonckheere Des fantômes dans la prairie 00:19:33 FeBeME-BeFEM (Belgium)
Paul Adriaenssens Ataraxia 00:09:00 FeBeME-BeFEM (Belgium)
Stéphanie Laforce Mutual Core – Remix Björk 00:06:00 FeBeME-BeFEM (Belgium)
Simon Lehmans Transparance 00:08:30 FeBeME-BeFEM (Belgium)
Virginie Viel La dame blanche * 00:08:41 FeBeME-BeFEM (Belgium)
Joao Pedro Oliveira Dark Energy (Video by Joao Pedro Oliveira) * 00:10:00 Prix CIME 2021 (USA)

Sunday 3rd October 20:00 : Concert 6

Elizabeth Anderson Ether 00:13:00 FeBeME-BeFEM (Belgium)
Dirk Veulemans Keeping Track 00:14:00 FeBeME-BeFEM (Belgium)
13 BeFEM composers Guirlande I/O (Video by Dirk Veulemans) ** 00:40:52 FeBeME-BeFEM (Belgium)

* Belgian premiere
** World premiere


Address :  Project(ion) Room, Rue de Praetere 55 – 1180 Uccle, www.projection-room.be

Tickets:  Day Pass 8€ (5€*), 3 Days Pass 20€ (12€*)

* Reduced price for students, unemployed and BeFEM members.