October 15, 2021 20:30 : Concert Chapelle de Verre de Fauquez

After the success of our first concert in 2019 at the Chapelle de Verre de Fauquez, and due to the impossibility of organising concerts there in 2020, the Belgian Federation for Electroacoustic Music invites you to two concerts there this year: on Friday 15 and Saturday 16 October 2021.
This will be an opportunity to discover the music of the associated composers, reproduced spatially on a large number of loudspeakers in this extraordinary place, entirely decorated with marble, bathed in the radiant light of stained-glass windows and with very special acoustics.
The event will also feature works by the Portuguese, Mexican and Ukrainian federations, which like BeFEM are members of the International Confederation of Electroacoustic Music.

Programme for Friday 15 October:

Noé Voisard Souffle léger, vapeur éphémère (2019) 09:44
Jean-Louis Poliart Le vol de la pipistrelle froisse le voile de la nuit (2019) 07:48
Elizabeth Anderson Protopia/Tesseract (2005-2007) 13:50
Joris De Laet Sons croisés (2021) ** 09:36
Jean-Pierre Jonckheere Un nouveau pied pour Noël (2017) 05:26
Jean-Pierre Jonckheere Crac (2013) 03:00
Miguel Azguime (Portugal) SheBeingBrand (2010-2014) * 05:58
Anastasiia Bielitska (Ukraine) Rusalochka (2019) * 06:48
Todor Todoroff Voices Part III – Resistance (2020) 13:30

** World premiere
* Belgian premiere

The bar will be open before and after the concert, as well as during the intermission.


Address :  rue Arthur Brancart 100 – 7090 Ronquières (Braine-le-Comte). www.chapelledeverre.be

ATTENTION: the small bridge leading to the chapel is closed due to construction work; spectators must reach the chapel by the Virginal or Ronquières bridge.


Tickets: 15€ (8€*)

* Reduced price for students, unemployed & BeFEM members