October 23, 2023, 19:00 and 21:00: BOEM @Tinnepot (Gent)

For the fourth time, 15 composers come together and meet the public musically!

This fourth edition of BOEM will take place on Saturday 23 September at the Tinnenpot theatre in Ghent.

Spend an evening in an auditory paradise. Not only will a bouquet of 24 loudspeakers spread across the hall provide excellent surround sound, but musical listening comfort will also receive all the attention it needs (max 85 dB).

BOEM is made possible by its partnership with the composers’ associations ComAV and FeBeME-BeFEM.

Contact BOEM: xboemx@xtelenetx.be (remove the x characters)
BOEM is also on Faceboek

The Concerts

CONCERT 23 sept 2023 – 19h 
Eduardo PRUDENTE Calcaire7’01”
Joris DE LAETEtude aux inattendus8’31”
Wim DAELEMANTempesta nella cisterna6’13”
Sophie DELAFONTAINETrouée11’24”
Dimitri COPPETransparence-Déhiscence8’46”
Annette VANDE GORNE VOX ALIA III: Vox Intima9’56”
Charo CALVO Le sphinx et Pol9’00”
CONCERT 23 sept 2023 – 21h
Maya VERLAAK Dust4’10”
Helen WHITE Carnival4’54”
Philippe DRUEZBoredom 9/107’05”
Dirk VEULEMANS Algoritme II9’52”
Todor TODOROFFKinetic Reflections10’00”
Jesse BROEKMAN Not to touch the earth10’34”
Roeland LUYTEN OK Synth10’00”
George DE DECKER Coro13’11”

Practical information

PLACE : Tinnenpot – Tinnenpotstraat 21, 9000 Gand.

PRICE : €12 in advance, €15 at the door (we start punctually at the times indicated)


CAR: you can find a car park by car (the links refer to Google maps)

Parking Sint-Michiels – Sint-Michielsplein 8, 9000 Ghent – 9 minutes on foot.
Parking Vrijdagmarkt – Vrijdagmarkt 1, 9000 Ghent – 10 minutes on foot.
Parking Ramen – Ramen 23, 9000 Ghent – 7 min walk.

PUBLIC TRANSPORT: We hope we can help you, but please check this information to be sure.

(links are to Google maps)
(all information can be found on https://www.delijn.be/en/)

Gent-Dampoort railway station is the nearest station and is a 25-minute walk away.

Bus from the station every 8 minutes: De Lijn N3 (direction Mariakerke Post)
Get off at the Dampoortstraat stop (on the roundabout opposite Gent-Dampoort station)
5 stops: Gent Dampoortstraat – Gent Steendam – Gent Sint-Jacobs – Gent Korenmarkt – Gent Poel (get off) (stop code: 210804)
Then a 7-minute walk. (see map below)

Bus from the station every 15 minutes: De Lijn N17 (direction Drongen or P+R Oostakker)
Get off at the stop