October 7-9, 2022 : Autumn Waves Festival – 6 Concerts @Project(ion) Room

FeBeME-BeFEM, the Belgian Federation of Electroacoustic Music, invites you to the Project(ion) Room in Brussels for the third edition of its Autumn Waves festival.
From Friday 7 to Sunday 9 October, we present no less than six concerts of electroacoustic music with more than thirty works. You’ll have the opportunity to discover mainly acousmatic / tape music, but also  live sets, a work that uses the sound of the smartphones of the audience, as well as a dance performance with electroacoustic music and video. The whole program will be spatialized on a loudspeaker orchestra.
The concerts will put an emphasis on works by composers and musicians active in all three regions of Belgium. But an important part of the program comes from proposals by National Federations and International Organisations Members of CIME-ICEM (International Confederation of Electroacoustic Music).
An opportunity to discover works from all over Europe, including Ukraine, but also from Iran, Colombia, Mexico and Canada.
Two sound installations will also be on permanent display throughout the festival.

INSTALLATIONS, from October 7 till October 9:

Guirlande I/O

FeBeME-BeFEM 2021.
With music by André Curieux, Stéphanie Laforce, Annette Vande Gorne, Raphaël Vens, Paul Adriaenssens, Daniel Perez Hajdu, Jean-Louis Poliart, Todor Todoroff, Dirk Veulemans, Donika Rudi and Kristof Lauwers.
Editing and transitions : Todor Todoroff
Video : Dirk Veulemans.



Interactive sound installation. Stéphanie Laforce 2017.

Machine for sewing images and sound and panoramic photos.


Friday October 7, 19:00 – Concert 1

Harold Vasquez-Castañeda Domador invisible de circo – Acto II: Destruyendo el Magnetismo de la Selva * 00:11:32 GrupLac (Colombia)
Stéphanie Laforce L’écoute verticale 00:05:28 FeBeME-BeFEM (Belgium)
Paul Adriaenssens Cercopithecus ** 00:06:00 FeBeME-BeFEM (Belgium)
Thibault Madeline Le murmure du bombus 00:08:17 FeBeME-BeFEM (Belgium)
Joris De Laet Signes des temps ** 00:10:00  FeBeME-BeFEM (Belgium)
Alla Zagaykevych Rana – Intro * 00:09:14 UAEM (Ukraine)
Adam Stanović  To US.S..S… * 00:09:21 BEAN (United Kingdom)
Todor Todoroff Voices Part III – Resistance 00:13:30 FeBeME-BeFEM (Belgium)

Friday October 7, 21:30 – Concert 2

Jean-Louis Poliart Le chant des pistes 00:08:00 FeBeME-BeFEM (Belgium)
Kristof Lauwers Enginick ** 00:08:00 FeBeME-BeFEM (Belgium)
Wim Daeleman In the beginning there was the violoncello 00:14:44 FeBeME-BeFEM (Belgium)
Marco Dibeltulu Quadri degli elementi * 00:09:02 Tempo reale (Italy)
Raphaël Vens Dans les spires du serpent 00:08:00 FeBeME-BeFEM (Belgium)
Jordi Rossinyol Esmicolo el fang * 00:08:28 AMEE (Spain)
Juan José Raposo Fragmentos * 00:01:23 AMEE (Spain)
Victor Outters Sumac 00:04:32 FeBeME-BeFEM (Belgium)
Afshin Motlaghfard Piece for two or three channels * 00:06:50 SPECTRO Center (Iran)
Dirk Veulemans De piano is de wolf ** 00:09:14 FeBeME-BeFEM (Belgium)

Saturday Octobre 8, 19:00 – Concert 3 / Dance performance

Clément Parmentier Chrysalis (Choreographer / Dancer : Célia Rorive) 00:50:00 FeBeME-BeFEM (Belgium)

Saturday October 8, 21:00 – Concert 4

Monika Szpyrka In constant rapid collisions * 00:10:25 PSeME (Poland)
Gaëtan Arhuero Itinéraires de l’oubli 00:09:07 FeBeME-BeFEM (Belgium)
Daniel Perez Hajdu Pour qu’entre le Ciel et la Terre l’écoute soit verticale ** 00:21:30 FeBeME-BeFEM (Belgium)
Barry Truax Rainforest Raven * 00:10:35 CIME-ICEM founding member (Canada)
Dimitris Bakas Moiroloi IV * 00:08:00 HELMCA (Grece)
Simon Lehmans Fleur de nerfs ** 00:12:00 FeBeME-BeFEM (Belgium)
Roeland Luyten state of matter ** 00:07:00 FeBeME-BeFEM (Belgium)

Sunday October 9, 17:30 – Concert 5

Donika Rudi Lament of the earth 00:08:11 FeBeME-BeFEM (Belgium)
Leslee Smucker Black the 10 * 00:10:41

(The Netherlands)

Laryssa Kim Foresta Magique 00:08:00 FeBeME-BeFEM (Belgium)
Victor Outters Vol de nuit 00:04:00 FeBeME-BeFEM (Belgium)
Ákos Lovász Surfaces and forms * 00:08:28 HCMF (Hungary)
Brice Deloose Ahenea 00:09:54 FeBeME-BeFEM (Belgium)
Mahoor Pourmoghadam Another World * 00:05:03 SPECTRO Center (Iran)
Manuel Rocha Iturbide Urform Piano 00:10:00 AARSOM (Mexico)
Elizabeth Anderson Les ailes de l’augure 00:14:00 FeBeME-BeFEM (Belgium)

Sunday October 9, 19:30 – Concert 6

Raphaël Vens / Maja Jantar Live / mixte ** 00:20:00 FeBeME-BeFEM (Belgium)
Dimitri Coppe  IV 00:20:00 FeBeME-BeFEM (Belgium)
Tympocaïne 200 Live ** 00:25:00 FeBeME-BeFEM (Belgium)

** World premiere

* Belgian premiere



Address :  Project(ion) Room, Rue de Praetere 55 – 1180 Uccle, www.projection-room.be

Tickets:  Day Pass 8€ (5€*), 3 Days Pass 20€ (12€*)

* Reduced price for students, unemployed and BeFEM members.