Daily archives: 29 May 2023

Elizabeth Anderson

Biographie and other informations (CD, publications, …) See: Website of Elizabeth Anderson Compositions performed at a concert FeBEM (since early 2019) : Compositie Concert Les ailes de l’augure 2022.04.22, ARTS²+BeFEM (Abel Dubois – RTBF Mons)2022.10.07-09, Autumn Waves-Festival (Project(ion) Room, Brussels)2023.06.10-11, Chapelle de Verre de Fauquez2023.11.03, Electroacoustic Music Days 2023 – Rethymno (Greece) Protopia/Tesseract  2021.10.15, Chapelle de Verre de Fauquez . . . and beyond  2019.10.26-27, Autumn Waves Festival (Project(ion) Room, Brussels) Ether  2021.10.01-03, Autumn Waves Festival (Project(ion) Room, Brussels) Les Forges de l’Invisible  2019 20:00 : Electroacoustic White Night Shimmer  2022.09.13, Tribute to Stephan Dunkelman Solar Winds 2019.07.27, Acousmonium Festival ( (Saint […]

Paul Adriaenssens

Biography Paul Adriaenssens was born in Antwerp in 1952. Paul Adriaenssens is completely self-taught. At 15, Adriaenssens started experimenting with tape recorders, concrete sounds and montages and taught himself to play the flute and other wind instruments. In ’75, he got in touch with the Studio for Experimental Music and became a collaborator as composer and performer. Between ’76 and ’83, he evolved from acoustic over electro-acoustic and live electronic to first analogue and later digitally generated and computer-controlled compositions. He experimented audiovisually with slide sequences since ’80 and with digitally processed video since ’89. Central to this was a […]