Laryssa Kim

Laryssa Kim is an Italo-Congolese artist living in Brussels since 2013. At a young age, she made reggae in Rome with bands and sound systems, then studied theatre and dance in Amsterdam and obtained a master’s degree in acousmatic music composition in Mons. Since 2015, she has been making music under her own name that combines her influences with a soulful aspect from black music. Kim’s performances combine live electronics and looped vocals, making them hypnotic, and were picked up by none other than renowned producer Nkisi. Her first EP ‘Lov’em all’ was released in late 2019. (Source : LARYSSA KIM (LIVESTREAM) | Botanique)

Compositions performed at a concert FeBEM (since early 2019):

Foresta magique2022.10.09: Autumn Waves Festival
2023.06.09-10-11: Reflets Sonores (Fauquez)
InCanto2024.02.14, Belgian Music Days

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